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The six partners of EDUC create a truly integrated European University with students, researchers and administrative staff who learn, impart and work at universities differing in size, age, native languages and focus.

Using modern digital tools and face-to-face collaboration, we form a strong triangle of shared knowledge and academic values between Western, Central and Southern Europe, developing strong ties between local environments to tackle global challenges of the 21st century.

What we do

EDUC offers a wide range of opportunities to everyone from the universities involved, corporate, business and research partners, local communities, alumni, lifelong learners and many more. Find out what EDUC’s key action areas are!

News & Events

After several months of preparation, EDUC just closed its first ‘Call for Projects’ leading to creation virtual mobility and virtual exchange courses. Virtual mobility ranges from distance resources and recorded activities such and video classes through to more dynamic and interactive forms where students are ‘live’ with distant teachers. The virtual courses are as follows:

  • Web Security and Malware Analysis (BRADAWL)
  • VISAGE: Chasing VIrtual Sedimentary GEology: discovering the sedimentary rocks world and its life 
  • NEuroscience, state of the art and future perspectives: focus on specific Neurological diseases and NeuroPSYchopharmacology (NEPSY)
  • Irony from the Perspective of Experimental Pragmatics (IPEP)
  • Online Education of the Limb Anatomy
  • Ethnicity in the Globalized World: Current Situation of Ethnic Minorities in Latin America
  • Australia in Literature and Film
  • Lecture Series on Language Integration
  • Space and place - international and interdisciplinary collaborative projects – S&P
  • E(conomics)-Tandem - ET
  • European cultures: Stereotypes, transculturality, receptions
  • LinguaSnapp: localizing an educational app for mapping old and new minority languages in the linguistic landscapes of the cities of the EDUC network - LinguaSnapp/WebEDUC
  • Geodynamics, Climate and Biodiversity - GeoClimaBio
  • Studying Borders Across Borders: Refugees in Global Historical Perspective
  • Introduction to Ancient Epigraphy (IAE)
  • Critical Literary and Cultural Analysis Online (CLCAO)
  • Neuroscience (Neureomonitoring at Neuro ICU)
  • Multilingual e-learning PhD educational resource of criminal law 
  • Big data algorithm-based/automated decision making in the public sector
  • English for Engineering, IT and Architecture
  • British Literature and Culture
  • Serverless computing & Data Management
  • Sports economics and Policy
  • EDUC Escape Game Challenge (EEGC)
  • Numerical Analysis with Matlab, NUMISMAT

EDUC task group launched an initial call in June 2020, a simultaneous action in all six universities, with a landmark result of 135 teachers putting forward potential projects. After the second selection round, the result was 25 selected projects, already 50% of the final EDUC goal for 2022. The objective is to have 50 projects carried out and supported through EDUC and its assistance mechanisms (e-learning services for technical transformation, pedagogical engineering, language services for translation, dubbing, incentives and benefits to helps teachers invest the extra time…). Stay tuned for both the opportunity to participate as a student, and for further teacher-oriented calls!

4th of November 2020

The first joint online meeting for the Rectors of European Universities and Directors-General for Higher Education of the States involved in all the 41 Alliances was held on 4th November (LINK).  

The Rector of the University of Cagliari Maria Del Zompo was invited by the European Commission to be one of the lead speakers with other three rectors of European Universities alliances during the discussion item: How to unleash the potential of European Universities: bottlenecks encountered. They were asked to present concrete issues hampering deeper transnational cooperation.

“The pandemic situation does not stop the European project which will offer students a great opportunity to broaden the horizons for a competitive education (…). The structure of the European Universities represents a chance to overcome the restrictions at national level and to improve the educational interdisciplinary projects with a high level of mobility, social inclusion and innovation” stated Maria Del Zompo, representing EDUC alliance, during her intervention.  


EDUC online event – International Opportunities

It is high time we looked at the international opportunities brought by the >>European Digital UniverCIty. If you are a student or staff of one of the partner universities, your world just got bigger! 🌎

>> Livestream link:

The online event consists of multiple livestreams in two blocks. Just choose the ones you are interested in and find all of the information you need in one place! We'll fill in the exact times as soon as possible, but we promise to be short and to-the-point :-)

➡️ Introductory word

🕒 14:00 to approximately 14:30

1.   What is EDUC and how it helps me with studying/working/cooperating internationally

➡️ For Students

🕒 14:30 to approximately 15:20

2.   How can I study abroad in the times of Covid and further

3.   New types of experience – if you do not want to spend whole semester abroad

4.   Start your research career early – Research opportunities for BA and MA students, internships and more

➡️ For Teachers, Researchers and Staff

🕒 approximately 15:20 to 16:30

5.   Create and transform international research and teaching projects in 2021

6.   Seven research topics: What are we working on and how to widen your international impact

7.   Virtual Journal Clubs: Online project for PhD and MA students interested in research

See you online!

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