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The six partners of EDUC create a truly integrated European University with students, researchers and administrative staff who learn, impart and work at universities differing in size, age, native languages and focus.

Using modern digital tools and face-to-face collaboration, we form a strong triangle of shared knowledge and academic values between Western, Central and Southern Europe, developing strong ties between local environments to tackle global challenges of the 21st century.

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EDUC offers a wide range of opportunities to everyone from the universities involved, corporate, business and research partners, local communities, alumni, lifelong learners and many more. Find out what EDUC’s key action areas are!

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The EDUcardS strategic partnership's objective is to set up, in the mobility space that the EDUC alliance offers, the European Student Card (ESC) and to test a methodological framework for its deployment during an experimental phase, to identify any potential difficulty and to come up with solutions to overcome potential problems. Beyond its implementation in an alliance with a total of 160,000 students, the use of the ESC will be evaluated, experienced and will encompass the provision of several related services such as access to libraries, restaurants, housing and public transport provided by university cities.

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Are you looking for research partners abroad to develop new projects? You have a research project and you would like to find collaborators to develop it at a European scale? You wish to expand your research network across Europe? The EDUC thematic seminars provide you with just what you are looking for.

  • Life Long Health and Wellbeing
  • 18.–19. March 2021, University of Pècs (Hungary), deadline: 5th January
  • Culture and heritage
  • 24. March 2021, University of Paris Nanterre (France), deadline: 5th January
  • Justice, inequality and inclusion
  • 25. March 2021, University of Paris Nanterre (France), deadline: 5th January
  • Mobility / Smart cities
  • 8.–9. April 2021, University of Rennes 1 (France), deadline: 31st January
  • European Union Studies
  • 21.–22. April 2021, University of Cagliari (Italy), deadline: 31st January
  • Sustainable Changes: climate and resources
  • End of June / beginning of July 2021, University of Potsdam (Germany), deadline: 30th April
  • Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence
  • Autumn 2021, Masaryk University (Czech Republic), deadline: 30th April

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